Service Center

The CCLM is in the process of building up a service center with the aim to transfer knowledge, gained from learning and memory research, to practical applications for the community. Also, vice versa, questions raised in this counselling context should be addressed in applied research. We provide versatile offers in diagnostics, intervention and counselling for people of every age. We focus on individual performance analysis and improvement rather than clinical diagnoses. 

Our offers apply to people looking for counsel, exerts in education and psychosocial services as well as politicians and policymakers who are concerned with optimizing learning and teaching. Both in basic and applied research we emphasize collaborations with institutions in the domains of pedagogy, orthopedagogy, rehabilitation and psychotherapy. 

Activities and offers

1. diagnostics, counselling and intervention
2. lectures and courses
3. development of diagnostic and interventional tools
4. realization and supervision of applied research projects